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Farm Dairy Effluent

Managing your farm dairy effluent (FDE) system is an integral part of your farm management. Whether you have a sump, dam, pond, weeping wall, bladder or tank, DairyNZ have put together a really helpful page on their website which has some useful links and videos, take a look at it here.

There’s a wide range of information about the various options and types of FDE storage that are currently available.  If you need to upgrade an existing system or install a new system you’ll need to decide which is the best storage option for your individual situation.

To help guide your decision-making see “A Farmer’s Guide to Building a New Effluent Storage Pond. It covers everything from planning and design to post-construction and will set you on your way to a better understanding and help you get the best solution for your farm.

Cover page or DairyNZ Guide - "A farmer's guide to building a new effluent storge pond" with a picture of a large pond on a farm and some cows walking past.

There is also a Practice Note on the design and construction of FDE ponds coordinated by Dairy NZ and put together by a group of professionals, which has a strong engineering focus and covers design and construction principles of FDE ponds. This makes really interesting reading.

Cover page of the "Practice Note - Farm Dairy Effluent Ponds" by IPENZ with a picture of a large effluent pond being built

A tool called the Dairy Effluent Storage Calculator (DESC) is used to calculate the volume of storage required, based on long term climate data and soil types.  Our team can help you with this calculation as part of your consent application.

Finally, there are people out there who are accredited designers and specialists in the field who can help you design and install the best system for your needs. They can advise which “course is best for your horse”. There’s a link on the DairyNZ page, but word of mouth is one of your best options for a local expert.


Jessica Hunter

Environmental Consultant