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Farm Environment Plans

Developing your farm environment plan.


A farm environment plan (FEP) is a tool that can help you identify on-farm environmental risks and set out a programme to manage those risks. FEPs are unique to a property and reflect the local climate and soils, the type of farming operation, and the goals and aspirations of the land user.

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1. Preparing Your Farm/Orchard Environment Plan

We will meet with you to learn about your farming or orchard business (usually around the kitchen table). We use our experience, tools and knowledge to determine where there are environmental risks and help you to identify actions to minimise the risk. We take a farm/orchard tour with you and discuss potential risks and mitigations in the field.

Once we have all the information we need, we will prepare a draft plan with your input and you can provide further input on the actions and timeframes before the plan is finalised for you.

We are farmers too and we understand farming businesses and the challenges you are facing. We are focused on preparing your farm environment plan, not selling fertiliser or farm consulting services.

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2. We Can Assist You With:

Dairy Farm Environmental Planning

3. Types of Farm Environment Plan.

Farm Environment Plans go by a number of other different names including:

3. What information do I need?

To help us to prepare your plan, the following information is very useful:

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Example supplied by Deer Industry New Zealand