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Dry Stock Farm

Working together with dry stock farmers

On Environmental Aspects

> Farm Environment Plan

An FEP is tailored to each property and will identify risk areas on-farm and outline how landowners can manage and reduce these risks within a specific timeframe.

> Overseer Nutrient Budgets

Helping you to model your farm using OverseerFM to predict nutrient losses from your farm. OverseerFM estimates N leaching and run-off, P run-off and risk index and greenhouse gas emissions.

> Resource Consents

Helping you to apply for resource consent to take groundwater or surface water for irrigation or for other uses on the farm.

> Catchment Groups & Funding Applications

One Billion Trees (1BT) projects and catchment projects. If you would like to take advantage of the funding available to fence off and plant areas of your farm we can help you with this. We can also help to coordinate catchment groups and to prepare group submissions for plan changes.

Our Process

Farm Environment Plan Process

When helping you with a farm environment plan we join you at the kitchen table to understand your business.

We assess the environmental risks together and prepare an achievable plan that meets the environmental outcomes you need.

Surface Water

Ground Water

Applying for a Resource Consent

We help you to understand the resource consent process, communicate with the council, consult with iwi and prepare an assessment of effects.