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Resource Consents

1. Preparing for Resource Consent

Before making an application for resource consent, careful consideration needs to be given to what an application should contain. Allegrow manages this process for you by having a good understanding of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and other relevant planning documents.

We help you by:

This will save you time, money and frustration.

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2. Consultation

This may include consultation with:

Allegrow can help you with this process including helping you to consult with Iwi and Hapu groups.

3. Applying for resource consent

Allegrow will prepare and lodge your resource consent application with the council. By providing the right information your application is likely to be processed quicker.

This will include items such as:

4. Council Notification

When a resource consent application is received by Council, Council will consider the assessment of environmental effects. Only some consent applications are notified. Your application may not be notified if council are satisfied that your activity will have only minor effects on the environment and/or all potentially affected parties have provided written approval. Your application will be processed faster and cost less if you gain approval from all parties that may be affected by your proposal. There are two forms of notification, Limited Notified and (publicly or fully) Notified.

Limited Notified

Limited notification applies when the effects of your activity are considered to be generally minor but you have not obtained written approval from potentially affected parties. Council will send a letter to all potentially affected parties advising them of your application and any activities or likely effects associated with your proposal which may arise if your proposal was granted. Those identified parties can then make a submission on the proposal. If submissions and/or issues can’t be resolved then the application will need to go to hearing.


Full Notification occurs when council believe the effects of your activity will be more than minor. A notice will be placed on our website, in the public notices section of the local newspaper where your proposed activity will happen and a sign will be placed at the site (or the nearest public access point to the site) of the proposed activity.

The notice and sign will say who the applicant is, what consents they have applied for and where they propose to carry out the activity

Additionally, a letter will be sent to all potentially affected parties advising them directly of your application.

At the close of submissions, the application may go to a pre-hearing meeting or a hearing to determine the application. If no submissions are received the consent may not need a hearing and the consent can be processed and the decision issued.


Councils need to comply with the timeframes set out in the RMA. The council will decide whether to notify your application within 20 working days of receiving it.

If you’ve provided all the necessary information, the council should be able to make a decision within the following timeframes:

There may be delays if:

Allegrow mitigates this through its in-depth knowledge of the Resource Management Act and other relevant planning documents ensuring that your application includes all relevant information when and where possible in order to avoid delays in considering your application.