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Consent Activity Categories

Water take consent categories

There are six types of activity categories based on their expected effects, ranging from minor to major. These categories determine whether a resource consent is needed before carrying out the activity, what factors are considered when deciding on a resource consent application, and whether a resource consent must, can, or cannot be granted.  Sections 104 […]

Developing a Freshwater Farm Plan

Planning for freshwater management

Freshwater Farm Plans (FW-FP) must include key information, such as administrative details, on-farm risks identification and assessment, risk management and an action plan. Below is a guide on how to build your FWFP, which is based on 3 key steps: Risk identification and assessment, Risk management and Action Planning. Guide to develop a FWFP 1. […]

Quality Assurance Programmes

people shaking hands silhouette at sunset. Wheat field. Agriculture. farming concept

Assurance systems are crucial mechanisms of the New Zealand economy and agribusinesses that ensure compliance with regulations, enable international trade, ensuring safety of products and operations, animal welfare, water quality, biodiversity, and many other aspects of farm management. Most of the programmes include common categories, but each of them is unique in terms of individual […]

How to Apply for a Water Take Consent

Water takes on orchard

Now you’ve found out that you need a resource consent to take water (see our previous blog), you’ll need to put together a consent application. The scale and nature of your proposed activity will determine how comprehensive the application will need to be. Where to Begin Before you start, you’ll need to gather as much […]

Fresh Water Takes – Do I need a Consent?

Sunset with an irrigator on farm

There are three types of water takes – Groundwater, surface water and geothermal water: Generally speaking, if you take water out of a stream, river, lake or spring-fed pond then it’s classified as SURFACE WATER. If you take water out of a bore it’s GROUDNWATER. If the water is hotter than 30°c then it’s classified […]

Land Units

Landscape with different Land units on farms or orchards

Under the new Freshwater Farm Plans Regulations 2023, a farm operator must identify, map and describe Land Units (LU) on the farm, in order to identify risks of adverse effects of farming activities on freshwater or freshwater ecosystems. The farm operator must also assess for each LU, its inherent vulnerabilities and the risks from farming […]