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Intake Screens

Our waterways are home to many fish species both indigenous and introduced.  When abstracting water from a stream, river or lake, to protect these species it is important that the aquatic habitat is taken into consideration.     Rule BW R5 on page 18 in Chapter 8 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Water and […]

Bucket Tests

Photo of an irrigator running in a field with buckets set up to complete a bucket test

One of the first steps in renewing your dairy effluent discharge consent is gaining an understanding of the capabilities of your current system including your effluent irrigator(s). New dairy effluent discharge consents can be quite different to what has been issued in the past, but both contain limits regarding how much effluent you can discharge […]

Protecting the Quality of our Waterways – Riparian Planting

Photo of waterway through paddock with riparian margin and sheep in the background

Farming plays an essential role in New Zealand economy, and it has important effects on our land and water resources. Land development for farming, urban areas, industry and flood control has removed much of the original vegetation along our waterways. This has resulted in increased amounts of sediment, nutrients and bacteria entering waterways via runoff. […]

Motu Catchment Project – Erosion Control & River Enhancement

Gisborne region resource consents and repairian planting

Farmers in the Matawai and Motu area are now seen to be at the forefront of modelling good environmental management and demonstrating the benefits of sustainable farming practices in the Gisborne Region. With both the Matawai and Motu communities now becoming growing tourism areas a group of dedicated farmers has been undertaking a project to […]

Gisborne Farm Environment Plans

Gisborne Farm Environment Plans

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Farm Environment Plans have fast become the tool of choice for councils to manage environmental risks on farm and therefore meet requirements for catchment water quality improvements and limits. Farm Environment Plans are a key part of the Gisborne Freshwater Plan and have been used to permit activities that may be a risk to […]