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Quality Assurance Programmes

Assurance systems are crucial mechanisms of the New Zealand economy and agribusinesses that ensure compliance with regulations, enable international trade, ensuring safety of products and operations, animal welfare, water quality, biodiversity, and many other aspects of farm management. Most of the programmes include common categories, but each of them is unique in terms of individual requirements of a particular farm.

The New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP) was introduced in 2017 and was designed to meet the demands of international markets and their consumers. It provides full customer compliance including traceability from the farm gate to the consumers plate ensuring that the products meet the highest of international standards.

The most recent FAP to emerge is the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme PLUS (NZFAP PLUS), an improved programme to better control the environmental risks associated with farming on freshwater ecosystems. The NZFAP Plus cover categories within MPI’s Integrated Farm Planning (IFP) as well as Freshwater Farm Plans and Intensive Winter Grazing Plans.

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The Horticulture sector in New Zealand relies on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) schemes that provide assurance for the safe and sustainable production, packing and distribution of vegetables and fruit. Achieving compliance through GAP programmes means that management systems, procedures and practices are in place to meet relevant regulatory and market requirements. Horticulture businesses compliance enables customers to buy with confidence.

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Examples of Assurance Programmes in Different Sectors:

Beef, sheep, deer, wool, sheep milk NZFAP
Dairy Synlait Lead with Pride
Tatua Our Sustainability
Westland Milk Products Farm Excellence
Global GAP

Written by Natalia Zefferino – Environmental Consultant