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Improving Farm Capability Projects

Allegrow has been successful in gaining funding from MPI to run two projects – one in Ōpōtiki and one in Whakatāne – as part of their Integrated Farm Planning Accelerator Fund.

This fund invests in initiatives to help farmers, growers and whenua Māori owners adopt an integrated approach to their farm planning. You can read more about the fund here.

Our two projects will run simultaneously in Whakatāne and Ōpōtiki over 2.5 years and will involve a series of wānanga and focus groups. People from all sectors – beef and lamb, dairy and horticulture – are welcome to attend.

The wānanga sessions are for all to attend together and will have technical experts in the various modules of an integrated farm plans come and give a presentation with some practical tips on how to maximise that module on your farm/orchard. We will bring them in from around the country so that there is minimal travel time to attend these professional development opportunities.

The focus groups will be split into the 3 sectors and will be on farms/orchards. They will be an opportunity to discuss the wānanga session with more relevance to your sector. These sessions will be attended by local industry groups and local council which gives the opportunity for making introductions and asking questions.

We are developing a workbook which all participants will get a copy of. This will have some general information, useful links to more industry specific information as well as a excerpt from our FEP template so people can fill in the information for themselves.

The goal of our project is to increase the capability around farm planning which then improves confidence around discussing their own farm plans and a better understanding of the different components of it. Also, with so much information for farmers and orchardists to get their heads around in regards to the farm planning regulations, this is also the perfect opportunity to understand what is expected of them and by when. We have a separate blog post about this here.

We believe that, after attending some of our wānanga and field days, farmers and growers will feel empowered to integrate the various components of their farm plans together, but also integrate them into the day to day running of their farms/orchards with a clear idea if how to prioritise them.

If you are interested in being a part of our project, please get in touch with Mel:

Phone: 021659924