Gisborne Farm Environment Plans

Gisborne Farm Environment Plans

Farm Environment Plans have fast become the tool of choice for councils to manage environmental risks on farm and therefore meet requirements for catchment water quality improvements and limits.

Farm Environment Plans are a key part of the Gisborne Freshwater Plan and have been used to permit activities that may be a risk to the environment and that would otherwise have needed a resource consent.

Under the Gisborne Freshwater plan, Farm Environment Plans are required for intensively farmed stock (cattle or deer grazed on irrigated land or contained for break-feeding of feed crops; dairy farming; or farming of more than 9 pigs per hectare of land), and in some instances, to allow for stock access to waterways, stock crossings, culverts and bridges as permitted activities (i.e. not requiring resource consent).

Farm environment plans are required by 1 May 2021 for existing activities and before the activity has commenced for new activities. Allegrow can work with you to prepare your farm environment plan and obtain certification from the Gisborne District Council.

If you are in the Gisborne region this guide will help you decide if you need a Farm Environment Plan.
Gisborne Farm Environment Plans

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